In Line Voice Changer


The In Line Voice Changer, (voice changer II) offers 8 different voice altering settings allowing you a wide range of verbal disguises. Easy to install and use. This unit will connect up to most telephones with no problem. Even office phones.

5 Hr Dialed

Number Recorder


The P5016 5 Hour Dialed Number Recorder will provide 2 hours of record time per side of tape on a standard C120 cassette tape. The unit will also record and playback the phone numbered dialed.

127 Voice Changer II 75.00 128 5 Hour Dialed Number Recorder 140.00

Portable Voice Changer


The Portable Voice Changer is an ideal device for people on the go. Designed to fit over the mouth piece this unit will work on any telephone, including cellular and pay phones.

8 Hr Recorder


The Marantz PDM 201 Modified Recorder provides a full 8 hours of high quality recording. Complete with VU meter and independent record/playback volume controls.

129 Portable Voice Changer 50.00 130 Hour Recorder 450.00

Portable White Noise Generator


The PNG-200 Portable Noise Generator generates a level of white noise designed to mask normal conversation. Eaves-droppers will not be able to legibly hear the conversation through the white noise.

L400 Micro  Cassette Recorder


The Olympus L400 Micro Cassette Recorder is smaller than a pack of cigarettes measuring only 2.9x2x.8.

Perfect for dictation or body worn applications where allowed by law.

131 PNG-200 195.00 132 Olympus L400 micro cassette 275.00

Mini Lapel Microphone


The Mini Lapel Microphone is a pre-amplified tape recorder microphone designed for body worn application.


Operates on a 1.5V button battery (included).

Line Level Microphone


The Line Level Microphone is designed to match the audio input impedance of most VCRs and palm size video recorders. Operates on a 9V battery.

133 Mini Lapel Microphone 45.00 135 Line Level Microphone 55.00

Digital Pen Style Recorder


Records up to 2 hours 15 minutes. Holds up to 99 messages in 1 file. Can be played back directly from recorder. Files can also be downloaded to your computer, saved to a floppy, or CD, and even E-mailed. Has a built in laser pointer as well.

8 Hour Digital Recorder

Holds up to 99 messages with up to 4 files. Can be played back directly from recorder. Files can also be downloaded to your computer, saved to a floppy, or CD, and even E-mailed. Comes complete with telephone recording adaptor.

760 8 Hour Digital Pen Recorder 189.00 761 8 Hour Digital Recorder 169.00

P5045 Telephone Recorder

The P5045 is a personal telephone recorder/dictation machine. Designed to record for up to 3 hours on a single mc90 cassette this recorder is ideal for telephone interviews and telephone depositions.

Check with your local laws for proper/legal usage.

2 Way Pager GPS  

The 2 Way Pager GPS is a cost effective way of finding out just where the subject vehicle is at that moment. Complete with software this easy to install tracking unit e-mails you back with its location when you page it.

751 P5045 50.00 136 2 Way Pager GPS 1500.00

After The Fact GPS


The After The Fact GPS logs a days worth of vehicle movement on to a single memory card that can later be downloaded to your computer for review by day or days. Will give time, date, location, and vehicle speed. Great for companies looking to monitor their fleets. Comes complete with memory card reader and software.

Hostage Tracking System

Originally designed to track the CALIFORNIA condor, this system is ideal for covertly tracking executives, family, or nayone else without rasing suspicions. The transmitters are about 1 1/2" long including the nicad battery.



Yagi/grip antenna

5' cable

DC auto converter

Shoulder strap for receiver

Stereo headphones

2-high power/long life transmitters

Magnetic car-top antenna

Range of up to 14 miles

138 After The Fact GPS 1550.00 748 Hostage Tracking System 1950.00
748A Additional Transmitters 260.00

Eye Tracker Internet Accessable GPS


Eye Tracker real time internet access GPS system. This NEW and unique tracking device allows you to track the target vehicles location from any computer with internet access. Accurate within just a few feet this unit will not only give you the vehicles exact location but it will overlay that location on the mapping software provided on the internet site as well as give you the speed of the vehicle. Each purchaser is provided with their own private password to the web site protecting them from unauthorized viewing by unwanted parties.


NOTE: A monthly fee starting as low as 39.00 is required to operate the units access to the internet.

Cellular GPS

The Cellular GPS is capable of providing real time tracking of the subject vehicle. With simple to operate tracking software included for your computer and easy installation of tracking transmitter this unit can save your client thousands in surveillance fees.


754 Eye Tracker Internet GPS 1950.00 134 Cellular GPS 1800.00