One of the questions we are most frequently asked is

 can we build audio into our products?


Title 18  U.S.C.A  Section 2511

The surreptitious interception of Wire, Oral or Electronic communication is a criminal act, unless

one of the parties, a party to the communication, is performing the interception or has given consent for the interception or if the interception is being performed with the authorization of the court.


NOTE: Some states require “All Party Consent”, not just one party.


Title 18  U.S.C.A  Section 2512


It is unlawful for anyone to Manufacture, Assemble, Possess or Sell any product that through its

 design, renders it primarily useful for the surreptitious interception of Wire, Oral or Electronic



Under exceptions to the law we can only provide covert audio product to Federal or State Law enforcement agencies.


Our Policy

Q Enterprises will ONLY manufacture, assemble and sell product designed for the surreptitious interception of wire, oral and electronic communication to

 Law Enforcement and Government agencies and ONLY with a proper purchase authorization.