CJ’s Biz2Biz


CJ’s Biz2Biz is the “HOW TO” for marketing your business in today’s environment.  Produced by CJ Bronstrup, the well known writer and lecturer on commerce marketing. This set includes 1 video cassette, 4 audio cassettes and one book.



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CJ’s Internet Marketing


CJ’s Internet Marketing not only guides you through the Do’s and Don’ts of setting up your web site, it also shows the most common mistakes that you can make, and that are made by some professional web masters. Comes complete with 1 video tape, 4 audio tapes and 1 book.


Save 10% by purchasing CJ’s Biz2Biz along with CJ’s Internet Marketing.

150 CJ’s Biz2Biz 197.00 151 CJ’s Internet Marketing that $izzles 197.00

The Guide to

Background Investigations


The Guide to Background Investigations Ninth Edition.

Quoted as “The Bible for Investigators” the book or CD are a must. Tells you where to go for public records, how much they will cost, how to obtain them (fax, mail, phone, e mail or in person).

Association members will receive a 20% discount upon request

The Criminal Records Handbook


The Criminal Records Handbook is published by the same people who publish The Guide to Background Investigations. This book gives you the lingo used, the type of information you can expect to get from a search and the type of results to be expected.

152A The Guide in book form 199.00 153 The Criminal Records Handbook 24.95
152B The Guide in CD Rom form 169.00

Uncovering Reasonable Doubt


Uncovering Reasonable Doubt was written by Brandon A. Perron, National Director of “The Criminal Defense Investigation Training Council. Not only does this book act as a reference guide for the gathering and handling of  evidence in criminal cases but helps you determine where the evidence or reasonable doubt starts and ends.

Learn How To Become A PI


Learn How To Become A Private Investigator In A 6 Billion Dollar Industry is a must not only for those looking to enter the PI trade, but those looking to expand their current practice to other states.  This book gives you the names, addresses and phone numbers of all state agencies having jurisdiction.

154 Uncovering Reasonable Doubt 38.00 155 Learn How To Become A Private Investigator 24.95

Internet Guides For Investigators

A better way to find the information you need,

when you need it...

Internet Guides from David Vine Associates, LLC help you zero in on specific web sites within important defined categories. Chosen for their quality, this unique method presents pre-selected web sites in each guide. This visual method of reproducing a full page from the selected sites helps you rapidly screen each one, independent of a connection to the Internet. This is especially helpful for busy hands-on professionals or supervisors who must direct the work of Internet searchers. the following guides are presently available.

Created expressly for internet users who seek hard-to-find information about individuals and private companies, IIRG provides 200 web sites in ten categories: legal; financial, insurance and real estate; Investigator's publications; privacy; federal agencies; state agencies; databases; Internet search; Investigator's associations; and miscellaneous. Public records increasingly are available via Internet and this guide shows where and how to get them as well as many other types of important background information on people and businesses. Based on David Vine's Business Intelligence PROACtive™ process, this guide shows users where to go on the Internet for the tools; software, services, contacts and information. Sections related to the process include; plan, retrieve, organize, analyze and communicate. Additional sections cover, databases, publications, organizations, news services and consultants. All of the components of a successful Business Intelligence System can be found via Internet -- most are free!
156 Investigators Internet Resource Guide 44.95 159 Business Intelligence Toolkit 44.95

For general business research, 200 high quality websites are reproduced for rapid review by the user. Subject categories include; business research, financial industry, Fortune 500, Government, International, legal and security, marketing and advertising, healthcare, news and search aids. A disk of bookmarks keyed to each site is included. The ISHG provides specific and detailed instructions for eight of the world's best search engines. This helps the user to find precisely the information required from amongst hundreds of millions of Internet pages, saving time while increasing the precision of Internet searches. The ninth section covers 60+ specialty search engines. Section ten provides sites for general information about Internet searching.
158 Internet Search Help Guide 44.95 160 Business Intelligence On The Internet 44.95


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