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A Summary of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions for the Criminal Justice Community


(Looseleaf binder + 240 page insert & computer software)

Over 145 cases! Topics include Searches, Civil Liability, Confessions, DWI, Employment Rights, Entrapment, Exclusionary Rule, Identification, Use of Force, Warrantless Arrests and much, much more.


(ISBN 1-889031-10-0)Book & Database!


A Summary of U.S. Supreme Court Decisions

for Correctional Services


(Looseleaf binder + 240 page insert & computer software)

Over 110 cases! Topics include Prisons/Jails, Parole, Probation, Juveniles, Death Penalty and Sentencing.


(ISBN 1-889031-21-6) Book & Database!


Constitutional Law for Criminal Justice Professionals


(Looseleaf binder + 950 page insert)

      By Irving J. Klein, J.D. and Christopher J. Morse, J.D.

This successful and highly acclaimed text, is now a 950-page looseleaf-bound edition. This book will teach methods to apprehend, supervervise, adjudicate, and convict accused persons within the framework of constitutional procedure to those persons charged with the responsibility of enforcing our criminal laws.


(ISBN 1-889031-22-4)


The "HOW" of Criminal Law


Takes you from the arrest to the verdict. Discusses warrants, bail, juries, evidence and other important subjects.


(ISBN 0-930137-22-1)

(P/H $3. 00) $7.95

The New Dictionary of Legal Terms


      By Irving Shapiro

Designed for practitioners, paralegals, legal secretaries, court officials, law enforcement agents and law students in need of a quick and direct answer when seeking the meaning of a word. Includes federally approved criminal justice data terminology.



(ISBN 0-930137-01-9)


Uniform Firearms Policy


           A Manual for Private Sector Detectives and Security Agents

      By Chuck Klein

When firearms are implicated, the risk of accident is increased, but only slightly when properly trained persons are involved. If you paid a lawyer for the information contained in this book, it would cost thousands. If you wait until after a "lethal force incident", it could cost-tens of thousands!! Equipping every armed Private Sector individual with a copy of this book and following the procedures outlined is the very best insurance!


(ISBN 1-889031-13-5)

(P/H $3. 00) $6.95

People Finder DVD's

The People Finder products pick up where the "phone" CD-ROMs leave off. Input a phone number and get the Name, Address and Date of Birth of the owner! Or enter a name and date of birth, and immediately scan for the person's address and telephone number!

170 - 177 People Finder DVD's CONTACT US FOR PRICING
178 California People Finder DVD 499.99



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