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Understanding Surveillance Technologies


From handheld magnifying glasses to sophisticated magnetic resonance imaging machines, "spy" devices allow us to see beyond the basic senses that nature gave us in ways we wouldn't have imagined two hundred years ago. This comprehensive book is a provocative, practical, and visually appealing reference that introduces and describes the technologies that are rapidly moving into mainstream computer and consumer markets. It discusses information gathering and tracking devices from a variety of traditional emerging technologies, practical uses, possible abuses, countermeasures, and issues of legality and privacy.

Handwriting Identification


A definitive review of handwriting identification, this book presents how to approach document examination and then how to apply handwriting identification to the document. For the first time here is a book that consolidates the pertinent information from published and unpublished sources with information that is essential to the expansion of a practitioner's general knowledge of handwriting identification. Written in a question and answer format, the book suggests some of the questions that one might ask of an examiner and provides the answers that knowledgeable and competent examiners should be expected to give.

743 Understanding Surveillance Technologies 99.95 739 Handwriting Identification 79.95

Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction


This book provides highly practical methods for investigating and reconstructing accidents without a lot of engineering math. It concentrates on the skills, education, and information needed, as well as pointing out pitfalls and the latest advances in the field. Sections cover proper investigations; reconstruction; occupant kinematics; and the latest techniques such as electronic scene mapping, computer animation, and the use of the computer in the courtroom. Van Kirk brings 30 years of experience - including time spent in the engineering safety division of Ford Motor Company - to this study. With over 100 illustrative photographs and 20 detailed drawings of scenes, it is an invaluable source.

The Counter-Terrorism Handbook


Guides law enforcement as well as industrial and private security personnel through a terrorism situation or potential threat, including bomb threats, hostage situations, kidnapping, and negotiation. The authors group the material by chronological sequence: pre-incident, including planning and preparation; incident, concerning terrorist situations as they unfold; and post-incident, including the ranking officers' roles in supervising police response. New topics include international terrorism, cults, the effects of the new millennium and analyses of events such as the Oklahoma City bombing and Waco.

740 Vehicular Accident Investigation and Reconstruction 89.95 741 The Counter-Terrorism Handbook 79.95

Practical Handbook for Private Investigators


While most books on private investigation tackle specific topics related to the field, this practical handbook provides the first comprehensive coverage of the field. Rory McMahon, a recognized leader in the industry, clears up many misconceptions and guides experienced private investigators, as well as those wishing to enter the field. It is a compendium of the work performed by private investigators, with descriptions of the different types of investigators, case studies, practical tips, and an extensive bibliography, Besides showing the reader how to conduct every kind of investigation, the book offers advice on how to testify, how to set up practice, and how to get licensed.

Encyclopedia of Investigation


Easy to use CD-ROM encyclopedia has everything you ever wanted to know about investigations - complete reference work or study guide.


2nd Edition contains 22,935 pages in 288 seperate Adobe Acrobat files along with the reader-printer software.


Each file is a seperate book, pamphlet or report that can be viewed, searched or printed.


Subjects range from arson and anthrax to wiretapping.

742 Practical Handbook for Private Investigators 64.95 738 Encyclopedia of Investigation 49.95

The Case File

The Case File is one of the best buys in our product line. This unique set not only comes with nearly all the forms you may need to accurately track an investigation but it also comes with the forms on a CD. This allows you to copy the form to your word processor, edit it, modify it, fill it in, and print it out on your own letter head. Non filled out forms can be given to investigators to fill out in the field as they are conducting interviews and investigations. CD also contains over 2000 web site links for investigators.

The SSN Guide


The SSN Guide shows you how to determine if a Social Security Number is valid or not. This reference guide is a must for any investigator performing any kind of background checks.

731 The Case File 50.00 742A The SSN Guide in Book Form 10.95
749B The SSN Guide on CD ROM 39.95

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