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How To Market Your Private Investigation Business


This is a practical and comprehensive guide to the marketing of an investigation business. Written and published by Bob Mackowiak, Editor and Publisher of P.I. Magazine, this 62 page book guides you through everything from stationary to direct mailings, pamphlets, marketing your services, networking and much more. Designed for every P.I. office from the one man operation to the national offices with hundreds of employees.

Bloodstain Pattern Analysis


Used Properly, bloodstain pattern analysis helps establish events associated with violent crimes. In this capacity, it acts as a critical bridge between classical forensics and crime scene reconstruction. The Second Edition of this best selling book is thoroughly updated to employ the latest protocols, such as scientific method, flow charts, and criminal profiling. It provides more illustrations, including some color photographs, and explains the use of computer programs to present evidence in court. Bloodstain Pattern Analysis aids forensic scientists, investigators, and attorneys in seeking the truth behind violent crimes by providing quick and easy access to blood spatter information.

755 How To Market Your P.I. Business 30.00 756 Bloodstain Pattern Analysis 94.95

Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents


With terrorist groups expanding their weapons of destruction beyond bombs and bullets, chemical and biological warfare agents aren't merely limited to the battlefield anymore. In some cases, they are now being used on a new front: major metropolitan cities. In this handbook, emergency response personnel will find a myriad of information on how to deal with such incidents involving dangerous chemical and biological agents. The wealth of data not only include the physical appearance, odor, signs, and symptoms of dangerous materials such as nerve agents and vesicants, but also the detection and removal of such agents and the treatment of victims.

Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents


In the real-life world of emergency response, nothing is more crucial than quick and decisive action. Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Agents focuses on just what actions to take in the event of a crisis involving hazardous materials. It contains abridged versions of the class indices from Ellison's larger Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents (also found on this page). The indices deal with classes of agents instead of specific agents. Each index contains information on the toxicology/health impacts, physical characteristics, hazards from fire or reactivity, protection of personnel, and general first aid for that agent class.

759 Handbook of Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents 93.95 758 Emergency Action for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents 34.95

Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging


Forensic investigations and trials are using digital imaging to an ever-increasing extent. It can be used to send photographs, such as mug shots, over the internet, or to enhance photographs for investigative purposes, such as identifying a face caught by a surveillance camera. Many users of these tools are not experienced or skilled in the best practices, and in many cases, errors taint the results. This much-needed book shows, step by step, how to use digital imaging to its best advantage. It provides expert witnesses and attorneys with a realistic assessment of what these photographs can and cannot provide as evidence.

757 Forensic Uses of Digital Imaging 84.95

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