10 in 1  Lens Sprinkler Kit


The 10 in 1 Sprinkler Head Camera Kit is designed to provide fully adjustable viewing and provides 8, 11, 16 or 22mm FOV depending on setup (camera not included)

Stakeout Zoom Lens


The Stakeout Zoom Lens is a 12.5 to 75mm auto iris, manual zoom lens designed to work with most cameras.

Works extremely well with the Watec 903HS (cat. Item # 100B) for night surveillance.

108 10 in 1 Kit 700.00 109 Stakeout Zoom Lens 425.00

3.5 to 8mm Lens


3.5 to 8mm auto iris, manual zoom lens

2 Power Adapter Ring


The C and CS 2X Lens Adapters are use to double the telephoto range of your present CCTV camera lens.

110 3.5 to 8mm lens 185.00 111A CS 2X adapter 75.00
111B C 2X adapter 75.00

8 to 48mm Lens


8 to 48mm auto iris, manual zoom lens

Pinhole Zoom Lens


4 to 20mm  and 10 to 50mm manual zoom pinhole lenses.  Ideal for covert installs in walls and ceilings.     

112 8 to 48mm lens 375.00 113A 4 to 20mm pinhole zoom lens 250.00
113B 20 to 50mm pinhole zoom lens 250.00