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       P.I. Magazine, America's Private Investigation Journal, is the largest, most comprehensive, independent magazine for the private investigation business in the United States.  From tips to news to regular columnists, you'll find tons of immediately useful information in each issue!

                   Great regular columms:

                                  Tricks of the Trade - By Ed Pankau, Associate Editor

                                  Investigation Business - By Leroy Cook, ION

                                  Firearms - By Chuck Klein

                                  Surveillance - By Bill Kizorek

                                  Inside Sources - By Robert Scott

                                  Smart Marketing - By C.J. Bronstrup                             

                                  In The Field - By John Grogan

                                  Investigative Trends - By Ralph Thomas

                                  Using the Internet - By Joseph Seanor

                                  Also new columnists Kelly Riddle and Kellie Carlisle

Accounts of true cases - - Insight into the latest investigative techniques - - N ews of remarkable people and new products - - State and professional association updates - - Advertisements for products and services you need to know about and use - - Classified ads and the P.I. Card File, the best place to find professional investigators specializing in the kind of cases you want and need. - - Other great features and stories! Use P. I. Magazine to get more cases, solve more cases and solve more cases faster!!

OUR GUARANTEE TO YOU: Throughout your subscription you can learn something - an investigative lip, a marketing idea, a valuable contact - - that will be worth many times over your low annual subscription cost of only $39. With this much valuable information filling each issue, how can you afford not to subscribe?! How ever if at any time you don't think you have benefited worth the price of your subscription, just let us know and we will cheerfully refund the balance of your paid subscription, no questions asked.

Visit us at or

How to Subscribe:

A one year, six-issue subscription is $39; a two year (12 issue) subscription is $72. Send your name, address and telephone number, along with payment, to

             P.I. Magazine

             755 Bronx

             Toledo, OH 43609

If paying by Mastercard or Visa, you can fax us your information to 419-382-0967.


Be sure to include:

Credit card#

Expiration date


Note: The Internal Revenue Service fists "Subscriptions to professional journals" as an example of expenses to include on line 20, Schedule A, Itemized Deductions.


“We Can Save You Money On Your Data Searches”

Ask Us How?



- Steven Ryan and Gary Mikol, account representatives,


CALL 1-888-259-6173

Today for a



 Paying for every search adds up quickly. has changed that with one low monthly flat fee.  Save big by replacing your current information provider. 



To receive your Free Demo make sure to mention QENTCAT72000. subscriptions are available only to qualified businesses with a professional need.  Databases include:  Full Credit Header File, National Bankruptcies, National Liens, National Judgments, National Property & Deed Transfers, National Residential Locator, National Business Filing, and National Phone Finder.


The Mid-Atlantic leader in 

public record collection




We collect, compile and cross-index to make your searches faster, 

easier and more complete. You get immediate answers that are accurate 

and reliable, whenever you need them!


                                                - Bankruptcies

                                                - Judgments

                                                - Tax liens

                                                - Lawsuits

                                                - Corporate records

                                                - UCC filings

                                                - Foreclosures

                                                - Tax assessor files

                                                - Deed and mortgage records

PO Box 8787 - Trenton NJ 08650 - 800.848.0489 - Fax 609.883.0677 - email: info@superior

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