The Non Lethal Pen

Would you give a prisoner a weapon?

This pen measures 4" in length, is highly flexible, it is nearly impossible to cause serious or fatal injuries with, will write for up to 3500 feet, is now in use in 80% of the federal prisons, is used widely amongst Law Enforcement Agencies across the country and is the ONLY writing stick you should allow a prisoner to use.

(.10 each pen for S/H)

Water Proof Paper/Pen

  • Pads: 50 sheets of 3"x5" water proof paper.
  • Pens: Write upside down, underwater, and 20 degrees below zero.
  • 200 Sheets of 8.5"x11" water proof paper
727A 100 lot  (.33 each) 33.00 + 10.00 S/H RR135 3x5 50 sheet notpad 3.25
727B 50 lot  (.37 each) 18.50 + 5.00 S/H RR37 Waterproof Pen 7.95
727C 10 lot  (.41 each) 4.10 + 1.00 S/H RR8511 8.5x11 200 sheet water proof paper 25.95
  RR550 Waterproof pen refills 5.50

All Weather Field Interview Notebook

Water proof; writes in the rain.



All Weather EMS Notebook

Water proof; writes in the rain.

RR104 All Weather Field Interview Notebook 3.25 RR112 All Weather EMS Notebook 3.25

Hand Held Metal Detector


The Garrett Hand Held Metal Detector is the industry standard for weapons detection.


The ComputerCop is the newest weapon in the arsenal on computer crime. This software is designed with special search engines that, when installed on a subjects computer, will search from words or phrases in more than 25 categories of crime including sex, hate, assault, fraud, burglar, and racketeering to mention just a few. This product should NOT be used without a warrant or consent.

148 Garrett Hand Held Metal Detector 170.00 752 ComputerCop Search Engine Software 495.00

TE-4100 Metal Detector

TE-4100 compact hand held metal detector is small enough to carry on
ones person, keep in a glove box, or desk drawer.
Measures 7.9"long x 1.75"wide x 1.3"high
Weights only 8.8 ounces
Operating frequency of 360Khz
Powered by a 9 volt battery that will last an average of 2000 15 second searches.

Made of high impact ABS plastic.
Indicates metal with a silent vibration.
Comes with nylon case, ideal for use by law enforcement and security personnel.

732 TE-4100 compact hand held metal detector 165.00