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The standard in PC and Internet Monitoring and Recording

Spector is the first automatic screen recording software designed for consumers and corporations.

Spector records PC and Internet activity, much like a camcorder, and lets you play back the recorded information. Spector records all applications loaded, all web sites visited, all chat conversations, all keystrokes typed, and all incoming and out going e-mail activity. You see what THEY see.

Spector automatically takes snapshots of your display screen, as often as once per second, or as infrequently as once every few minutes. You decide how often Spector records.

718 Spector Software for Win 95,98,2000 70.00


Recieve E-mail Reports of ANYONE'S Internet Activity

If you are familiar with Spector, you will be at home with eBlaster.

    eBlaster records web sites visited, applications launched, keystrokes typed and, optionally, takes screen snapshots.

    The twist for eBlaster is that, once installed on a PC, it sends all of its activity reports to an e-mail address you specify!

    So, you no longer need physical access to the PC you wish to monitor once eBlaster is installed.

    As a parent, you no longer have to wait until you get home from work to find out what your children have been doing on the Internet.

    If you have to go away for business, you no longer have to wait days or weeks to see what your children have been doing online. You can now find out from anyhwere in the world what they have been doing!

    As an employer, you can get hourly or daily reports of all the web sites your employees are visiting, as well as everything they are typing. Are the mice playing while the cat is away? They won't be, if you have eBlaster!

    NEW FEATURE!!! - Record All Chat Conversations

    eBlaster offers two types of chat conversation recording:

    Base Chat

    Base Chat Recording will capture every word that is typed on a 

    computer that has eBlaster installed. The chat messages sent are 

    recorded and sent to you via the eBlaster E-mail Report.


    • Web Based Chat Sites

    • Javascript Chat

    • All standard Chat Applications


    Advanced Chat

    Advanced Chat Recording offers all the features of Base Chat Recording and additionally will capture the text conversation of BOTH parties. The ENTIRE chat conversation is sent to you via the eBlaster E-mail Report.


    • America Online (AOL) Chat

    • AOL Instant Messenger

    • ICQ Chat

    • Yahoo Chat

    • MSN Chat

719 eBlaster software for Win 95,98,2000 70.00


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